Company presentation

Foundation year 1970 under the name of  “ELTRA srl” with a main production of sound frequence transformers, magnetic heads and card readers with magnetic band.

In 2004 the transformer branch has been divided.

So the 1st January 2005 has ben launched the “TRASFORMATORI EL-TRA snc” which produces transformers and similar components.

The “TRASFORMATORI EL-TRA snc” partners are Mr.Beriachetto and Mr. Cavalli coming from ELTRA srl..

Mr. Cavalli was also a founder member of ELTRA srl.

This proves that “TRASFORMATORI EL-TRA snc” has acquired an experience of more than thirty year in this field.


  Trasformatori EL-TRA it is able to study and to produce prototypes for new models of transformers on
  Your specification demand.
  Besides the normal productions of series, we are able to produce
SMALL SERIES of transformers.
Transformers of measure, for impulses, for audio, of input / out, inductances on specifications
  of the client
and all of this to You necessary for the production or the realization of the prototypes
  of Your systems.
  For any Your demand contacted us,
will be pleased to contribute to the resolution of yours

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di Beriachetto A. & C.
Via Corneliano D'Alba 16 bis
10156 TORINO
Tel +39/011/2979250

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